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Mobile IV Therapy

IV nutritional therapy (a.k.a intravenous therapy, IV nutrition, IV therapy or IV nutrient therapy) is a type of therapy commonly used for its wide range of health benefits, which can include:

  • anti-aging

  • improved immune system

  • minimized anxiety

  • reversed symptoms of hangovers

  • and more

Although many may believe that nutrient deficiencies aren’t so common anymore, there are still many individuals who aren’t getting the essential nutrients our bodies need to perform optimally.  IV treatment is administered directly into the veins, therefore the results may be faster than those of oral or other traditional medicines. Health care providers believe IV nutrient therapy can be safe, effective and restorative, and can be customized to suit the unique needs of each patient individually. Concierge Women's Care provides IV therapy in the Orlando area and the positive reviews we get from our customers further prove our excellence. On average, the complete treatment takes around 45 minutes. Our Certified Nurse Midwife can order your IV, and one of our nurses will administer it within minutes. Our rates are highly affordable, and we work hard each day to improve our services, and provide you the best IV Therapy Orlando has ever seen!

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