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"I would recommend Michele and Tracy’s services a million times. Michele is an angel who assisted me in my prenatal care in my home and supported me, along with Tracy, with the home delivery of my first born son! The support, expertise and care from these women was life changing for me and my husband. We are incredibly grateful to have gained a new extension to our family in the form of a midwife! I could go on for days about how amazing Concierge Women’s Care has been for me and my family! "

"My experience with Concierge Women's Care was simply life changing! I always desired to have a safe, natural birth in my own home and Tracy and Michele made that dream come true. These two midwives are highly experienced in prenatal care and were experts when assisting me throughout my pregnancy and labor. Michele came to my home to facilitate all my check ups and appointments, she was able to manage my prescriptions and any medications I needed and was always a text/phone call away. I am so grateful that they safely helped me deliver my first born in my home and were very well prepared. My husband and I trusted these two women with such an important moment in our life and they did not let us down. We have a special place in our heart for Tracy and Michele and are excited to deliver with them in the future. I highly recommend their services for any and all women's care needed!"

L.W. March 2021

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"My experience with Tracy and Michele of Concierge Women's Care has been so wonderful! I first started
going to them early 2021 to receive an annual exam and pre-conception counseling. They are incredibly
flexible and having them come to me really made for a comfortable experience. I could tell that they are
both very knowledgeable and truly care for their patients. They went above and beyond to make sure that
my concerns were addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Now that I am expecting my first child, I
have been able to receive pre-natal care (even ultrasounds!) in the comfort of my own home. I highly
recommend them for any woman looking for a more personalized experience. "

S.T. April 2021

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