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A gynecologist plays a vital role in managing the care of women throughout all stages of life.  Did you know that your Certified Nurse Midwife can also provide this service for you?  At Concierge Women's Care we offer visits starting as young as 12 years old.  We take the time to talk with your pre-teen about their body, their self image and the importance of valuing both.  These visits take place in the comfort of your home often making it less uncomfortable for the patients.  Our goal is to begin a lasting relationship with your teen and you, helping make gynecology appointments less worrisome.  After the age of 21, our Certified Nurse Midwife will begin to offer annual pap smear evaluations, as well as be available for any problem visits.   Of course we are always available for birth control education and management.  When Menopause approaches, we will be available to discuss options with you as well as provide hormone management.  Our Certified Nurse Midwife is here for all stages of women's lives.  

Annual Exam

Our Certified Nurse Midwife will come to you yearly for your annual exam, which also includes a breast exam.  We will complete your pap smear as needed and deliver it to a local lab that works with your insurance or offers cash discounts. If further care is needed, we will refer you to one of Orlando's best gynecologists. 

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Birth Control

We offer birth control consults, where our Certified Nurse Midwife will discuss the options that are best for you.  At Concierge Women's Care we have the ability to send your prescription directly to your pharmacy at the time of your visit.  We also offer IUD placement and management, all in your home at a time convenient for you.  

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Urinary Tract Infection

Concierge Women's Care offers same day appointments, often getting you the care you need quicker than a traditional gynecologist.  We come to you with the ability to screen for urinary infections and will provide treatment at that time.  We also offer the ability to send a specimen to the lab for confirmation.  Your Certified Nurse Midwife will discuss the best course of treatment with you and answer all of your questions. 


We offer screening and treatment for bacterial vaginosis as well as vaginal candida, providing a prescription that can be available at your pharmacy within minutes.  Our Certified Nurse Midwife is knowledgeable about treatments options for recurrent vaginitis as well.  

STI Testing

Concierge Women's Care offers testing for sexually transmitted infections, making sure to answer to all of questions regarding treatment options and expectations.  Our Certified Nurse Midwife will come to your house with the needed supplies to obtain blood and urine & vaginal cultures.  Once results are available your midwife will call you. 

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IUD Insertion &


Your Concierge Women's Care Certified Nurse Midwife has been placing and managing IUD's, including the Mirena IUD for over 20 years.  We have the ability to place and remove IUD's, in your home as well as the ability to obtain an ultrasound to confirm proper placement.  Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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